Month November 2013

Over the weekend//Kinhaven 5k run

Over the weekend we were joined by the rest of the sponsors for the annual Kinhaven 5k run and boy was it chilly! But the brisk weather did not keep us away, we bundled up and defended our table against the windy conditions. We figured on this Monday morning we would share some of our experience with you! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Happy Monday! Make it a good one 🙂


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Shower your wedding with GOLD!

Are you in the stage of planning your wedding where you need to come up with a color theme? Well, it’s right in front of you! Go gold! Gold is such a statement color so why not choose this for your wedding! There are so many ways to incorporate it into your wedding. Think, you can keep it simple and add accents or go all out, either way it will be beautiful if gold is your color choice 🙂

Happy Wedding Wednesday!







1. Table Setting
2. Desserts
3. Cake
4. Table Display
5. Menu
6. Escort Cards

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{Thanksgiving Desserts + Displays}

Thanksgiving is almost here which means you should be thinking about your menu! What thanksgiving desserts are you making? For today’s Moodboard Mondays we are featuring some delicious desserts! Spice it up a bit this thanksgiving and try a new recipe! And after engrossing yourself in the kitchen all day display your delicious desserts on this fabulous table runner that you can write on!! And for an even cheaper option you can purchase black chalk cloth fabric.

Enjoy! Happy Monday!

{Pumpkin pie french toast pie}
{Molasses cookies}
{Pumpkin shooters}
{Apple pie in an apple}
{Pumpkin hershey kiss cookies}

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