Month February 2014

Need a Vacation?

Although I LOVE winter and everything that comes along with it like the snow, being able to layer my clothes, and the boots; however, this winter has to be one of the coldest I have experienced and has me longing for a beach vacation. Whether you agree with me and would love some warm weather or your planning a destination wedding, you have to check out these photos, you’ll be on Travelocity searching travel deals before you get to the end of these photos!

Bora Bora
2-Story Presidential Villas

Mykonos, Greece

Bali, Indonesia



Mo’orea, French Polynesia

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Wine Wednesday

I think I am going to start featuring “Wine Wednesdays” on the blog. That way I keep you updated on my current project. The project I am working on requires a lot of wine corks which means I have drink a lot of wine! Why buy wine corks when you can drink the wine and save the corks 🙂 Nothing like killing two birds with one stone! The problem is, I can’t drink all the wine myself so I am calling in reinforcements! This calls for a wine party! Who’s with me?! Stay tuned on the blog for updates on our DIY wine cork project for one of our upcoming weddings! We will be posting pictures as we get more materials and start putting the pieces together 🙂



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A taste of Spring

The warmer weather is starting to roll in, or is this just a tease for spring? Hey, a girl can dream, right? Regardless, we are loving it, so we decided to give you a taste of spring on the blog today. Whether you are planning a small event or a wedding, or nothing, these pastel inspired photographs will send you over the top, wishing spring was here!

Photo Credits
| 1. Inspired by this | 2. Camille Styles | 3. Roses and Lace | 4. One Wed | 5. Wedding Chicks | 6. Burnett’s Boards | 7. BHLDN |








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Wall decor

As you all know, Pollyanna Events has recently moved locations but not to worry, we are still in the heart of DC! Now that we have gotten rid of our boxes, it is time for the fun part, decorating! Since I work out of my home, I have been decorating room by room, or should I say area by area. If you live in a city, smaller spaces are the way to go 🙂 Now it is time to start on an office area! I have drawn my attention to Pinterest for inspiration and am ready to put my ideas into action. In addition to the small decorative items for my new office I want to have a awesome accent wall, something that makes a statement, you know? Check out these sharpie ideas! Who would of thought to use markers on your wall, genius!


DIY Sharpie Wallpaper Tutorial @ Vintage Revivals[7]


Photo Credits
| 1. Cuckoo 4 Design, 2. Vintage Revivals, 3. Vintage Revivals |

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