Month October 2014

Anna + Sam | Wedding at Clyde’s Gallery Place

Wedding Wednesday is here and boy do we have an amazing wedding to share with you!

For this wedding I had the honor of working with a truly wonderful couple. Both the Bride and Groom are veterans who are very honored to have served our country. They met each other while on active duty at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and from that day forward, they were pretty much inseparable.

Fast forward a bit to May 2014, to the day that the couple got engaged, and the excitement continued! Very soon after their engagement they started planning their wedding. They were moving to NYC immediately after the wedding so everything was pushed into high gear but it was still important to them that their wedding defined their relationship and journey together. They wanted a venue in DC, something close enough to the monuments, and with good food. Their choice; Clyde’s Restaurant in Chinatown. They decided to have their wedding and reception at Clyde’s which turned out to be amazing.

The venue and all the vendors were booked and they wanted to make sure they incorporated the monuments into their wedding through their photo session. With the Groom being a huge history buff, dovetailed with their service to the military, the monuments take on a special meaning for them. When they and their guests see their wedding photos around the monuments, each of the monuments tell a story in itself, and for the couple, those stories are part of their journey through life together.

The day of the wedding came, and it went off without a hitch. Not only was booking the venue and incorporating the monuments important to them on their big day, they also wanted to DIY a lot of the decorations. They wanted each of the decor items to come from them, to be something that was personal to them. They spent a lot of time DIYing in preparation and everything turned out amazing. They even took it upon themselves to make their own flowers, which were stunning! Everything they wanted their day to be, it was and more. They were surrounded with family and friends which made it that much more special and to top it off everyone couldn’t stop raving about all of the lovely flowers and decor.

This couple did it all! They put a lot of thought into their day and made it personal to them, and in return they have so many lasting memories. Recently, I got an email from this couple and they said, “most people say their wedding day is the most hectic day of their lives and they can barely remember it but we disagree.” Being a planner it is so nice to hear when your couples enjoyed their wedding, didn’t have worries on the day of, and can tell you that they have so many memories from their big day!

Photographer | Documentary Associates
Venue | Clyde’s of Gallery Place
Favors | Georgetown Cupcakes
Transportation | Limousines Inc.
Music | Chris Laich Music Services















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Highway to Hill “Tell All” | District Bliss

For those of you in the city or the surrounding DMV area, when it comes to looking for the perfect florist, your options are endless. But for our first District Bliss social we knew exactly what we were looking for. I searched through my vendor lists looking for the perfect florist, the one that I know would fit the image we were going for, and came across Highway to Hill. Not only is it a fantastic name, but I knew their work and had wanted to work with them for some time. I pitched the idea to my business partner, Sara Alepin and it was a go! Hey, when you know you know, right!?

We visited Jo, the owner of Highway to Hill at her adorable studio at Off The Beaten Track for a little QT and a photo shoot. I mean who doesn’t love a fun photo shoot!? Luckily the photo shoot was conducted by the one and only Photos From the Harty so you know it was fun. Jo gave us a great run down of “a day in the life of a florist.” From her day job, to watering her growing dream job (she’s a florist…get it?) while trying to get a little QT with her fiancé, she is always busy. Oh and did I mention she is planning her wedding too! For all of you small business owners out there, you know it is not a piece of cake to start, maintain, and grow a small business in a major city…but then to throw in trying to plan your own wedding! That is a crazy schedule! It is crazy how she can be so busy and yet still put together these beautiful flower arrangements. Starting my own business like Jo, it helps me to understand how she does it. When you truly love what you do, a long day and a little exhaustion wont slow you down. Jo loves what she does and is excited to see what the future holds for her growing business.

We were super excited to have the opportunity to work with Jo and Highway to Hill for our first social. Everyone raved about her flower arrangements, which was to be expected. If you have not had the chance to check out Highway to Hill, your missing out! Don’t forget to check out their social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We hope you enjoy some of the photos from our photo shoot. For the full album check it our on District Bliss’ Facebook page.













Photos by Photos From the Harty

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District Bliss Photo Shoot

Everyone, today is the day!! For those of you that don’t know, today is District Bliss’ first social, yay! For more information on District Bliss, my business partner and I, Sara Alephin (Photos From the Harty), are working on District Bliss’ website page which will soon be attached to both of our websites so stay tuned.

We wanted to thank you for all of your support and interest in District Bliss thus far. It has become more popular than we ever thought it would in such a short amount of time. We are very excited to meet all of the vendors that are attending tonight’s social and hope to see you at our next one as well. Tonight’s event is going to be super fun so get ready! Sara and I already have so much fun when we are together, but when we start working on our District Bliss stuff, it can get out of hand (in a good way)! We hope to bring this fun energy to each of our socials. So forget work and all the stresses that come along with it and get ready to take funny pictures, laugh, tell funny stories and meet some pretty awesome people.

I honor of today being our first social, we wanted to share some of our photos from our photo shoot that we did for District Bliss. We figured what’s a better time to share our fun photos than today. We hope you enjoy our fun photo shoot and it gives you an idea of what to look forward to. A big thanks to part of Photo From the Harty’s team, Katie Lingan for taking all the rad photos of us!

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

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Toasted Wedding Event

In honor of “Wedding Wednesday” we wanted to share our experience from the Toasted Wedding Event over the weekend. Toasted is a NY based Indie wedding event for awesome wedding vendors. It was Toasted’s first time in D.C., and the event went off without a hitch! We hope to see them again next year.

Not only did we think the event was a huge success but I got to meet so many rad new vendors. It never seizes to amaze me how many talented small businesses exist in our city! Although there were many great booths, I didn’t get a chance to see meet everyone that attended; I did however snap a few pictures of some of the booths. Check out all these great companies, I sure did!

Dea + Bean

Impish Lee

Anticipate Invitations

Bull + Moose

Some other new vendors that I had the honor of meeting were; Pearly Kate Photography, Rachel Pfeffer Designs, + Erika Nizborski!

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