Capital Candy Jar “Tell All” | District Bliss

Happy Friday Everyone!

If your keeping up with District Bliss’ news, then you know we are doing a “tell all” about each of the vendors we are working with for our first social.

Our first company we will be talking about is Capital Candy Jar. They are the talk of the town…or maybe that’s the sweets talking 😉 No, really. Not only was the company started by a super nice, intelligent, go-getter, Dave, he is also good in the kitchen!

Although Capital Candy Jar is newer to the D.C. food scene, Dave has been perfecting his recipes since he was 14. Yes, 14, which is way earlier than most of us can say we started to pursue our dream jobs. In every job you learn and grow through trial and error and Dave was no different. From picking up on tips from cooking shows, to spending sleepless nights in the kitchen, he perfected some of his most deliciously tasty treats. Dave’s first treat he perfected was the lollipop. That’s right, the good old lollipop. But these are much better than the average lollipop. Oh, and did I mention he was 14 when he started selling them like they were going out of style! Soooo if you haven’t already tried his mouth watering treats, you need to. So we went behind the scenes to see for ourselves, what actually goes into the cooking process? There are many more steps than you can imagine and we are sharing some of those photos with you today! For more photos of Capital Candy Jar visit our Facebook page. These photos were taken by not only my business partner with District Bliss but the very talented Sarah Alepin of Photos From the Harty.

You can find Capital Candy Jar all over the city from farmers markets to your local stores. They have a list of places they frequent as well as a list of stores that sell their treats, you can check it out here. For more up-to-date information, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Often, they will post their location on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter the day of, so keep an eye out!














Photography by Photos From the Harty