Month December 2014

It’s time to RING in the new year!


This post is for all of my wonderful brides and grooms that made 2014 Pollyanna Event’s best year yet! That’s right, I owe it all to you! Without you I would not be able to have my dream job of planning weddings and events!! I can truly say I had the best clients ever! I feel so lucky to have met and worked with so many wonderful people! So I wanted to give a BIG thank you to everyone that made 2014 amazing!

Everything about this year has far exceeded my expectations. I got to meet so many wonderful couples, and other vendors in this industry. This entire experience has given me so much knowledge on how to grow, maintain, and succeed in this growing industry. I have made many friendships along this journey (a lot being my couples) that I will continue to cultivate. I couldn’t of asked for a better year.

2015, you have some big shoes to fill!

Kishana Highgate Photography-13 (1)

Photography by Kishana Highgate Photography

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Our Travels | The Netherlands

Amsterdam! Amsterdam! Amsterdam! If you haven’t been, you have to. Bottom line, it is the best place ever!

So now you know we have now visited the capital and largest city of The Netherlands. Also, Amsterdam is a top financial and cultural center of Europe, which is pretty freaking awesome. I would totally live here! Ok, so besides these rad facts, the city has a lot to offer. For one, the people are beyond nice, and many speak English due to compulsory language training, which just makes life so much easier. I feel that the city it not too small and not too big which made it easy to be able to see everything we wanted to see. As some of our other cities we visited, we were not here very long but made sure to fit everything in. The city contains many beautiful canals (one of which we stayed near!) with bikes lining the fences surrounding them. All the streets and bike paths around the canals are lined with shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and coffeeshops, your options are endless. Each restaurant, cafe, and coffeeshop is different than the next…we were sure to hit as many as we could grabbing coffee and pastries from several places each morning. Whether it is hot or cold you will see everyone out and about all around the city having a blast. The entire city is amazing and I hope to be back sooner than later!

Until next time Amsterdam, you were perfect in every way.









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Happy Birthday Sara Alepin!

It’s someone’s birthday today!

Happy birthday to my friend and partner for District Bliss!!! Yes, I am talking about the very talented Sara Alepin, owner and creator of Photos From the Harty!!! Besides the obvious fact that she is freaking awesome and a great friend, she is also a very hard working, driven, and talented small business owner of not only one business but two!

Sara (without an H, for whatever reason her parents thought not to finish her name is beyond it’s just Sara_) has been taking on the DC photography world for the past nine years and hasn’t let anything slow her down. If you haven’t seen her fabulous work, check it out here! With her amazing personality, funny sense of humor, her ability to turn any bad situation into a good one, and her attention to detail, she has everything it takes to be a successful photographer in this growing city! To see more of Sara’s work, you can check it out on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Also, like I stated before, she not only runs one business but two. Sara is the co-owner of District Bliss, which for those of you who do not know, is a social meet up in the wedding and event planning industries. We have two socials that we run in the DC area, one is geared towards vendors (vendor social) so they can let loose, have fun, and mingle with other vendors in the industry. The second social is geared towards engaged couples (couples social) so they can gain knowledge about planning their weddings, have fun, and mingle with other newly engaged couples. Without her expertise in photography and her tech savviness District Bliss would not be what it is today!

From Pollyanna to you, we wish you the BEST Birthday Ever!!

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı

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New Years Party Ideas

The new year is right around the corner! Eek! We all know what that means…it’s time to plan your annual NYE party!

Are you throwing a New Years Eve party? If so, we have some great ideas for you! These ideas are last minute DIY projects. From food & drinks to decorations, we have you covered. These ideas that we found are so fab! Did you totally forget to make a specialty drink for your party? Did you forget about decorations? Well you’re about to be blown away. That’s right, we have all of that right here. All of our ideas have instructions on how to create those perfect decorations so it won’t take you forever.

Have a great New Years Eve and we will see you in 2015!!

Erica’s Sweet Tooth
ericas sweet tooth



Real Simple
real simple

Classy Clutter
classy clutter

The 36th Avenue
the 36th avenue

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