Month January 2015

District Bliss’ Vendor Social | Participating Vendors

Our second vendor social is in a few days and we are super excited! We wanted to shed some light on all of the talented vendors that we worked with to put on this second social, as well as express how exciting it is going to be to meet so many great wedding and event vendors once again!

First, we wanted to give a big thank you to the awesome vendors that we worked with to put on this event! They have all been wonderful and we can’t wait to show off their items! You can look forward to another photo booth, some fabulously designed coasters and drink flags, custom made cookies, and some great custom decorations to get you inspired by the new year! Our goal was to be able to connect, build relationships, give back, and hopefully help grow each of the businesses we worked with. From what we have noticed, it appears we have succeeded, which feels great! We got news from some of our previous vendors that we worked with, that we did help them to grow their business in some way which is very rewarding! We hope to be able to continue to cultivate these relationships and continue to succeed at our goals. Secondly, I want to mention again how moving it is to continue to meet all of the creative and skilled business owners in this industry. It is truly an honor to be able to work next to all of you! You all rock! We hope you all continue to come hang out with us at our future District Bliss socials! Plus, it allows you to get out of the office (or your home), share good conversation with individuals in the industry, and just have fun. That’s what we are all about!

CHEERS to another fabulous event which takes place this Thursday! And yes, we are sold out, so if you were not able to get a ticket this time, don’t worry, we have plenty more events in the future. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on our coming events! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Below are some pictures dedicated to our hard working vendors we are working with! Be sure to follow them all on social media to stay up to date on their latest projects!!


Silo | Restaurant
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District Bliss ı Washington, DC ı
1st District Bliss Social-cr-3

Old City Press | Graphic Design
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Just Smile Booth | Photo booth
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just smile 1
just smile 2

Sweet Naomi Cookies | Cookies
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sweet n

Photos from the Harty | Photography + Decor
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US! | Design/Decorations
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Photo Credit: Kate Smith Photography
Photo Credit: Amy Ann Photography

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