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Adding DIY Details to your DIY Wedding Invitations

Interested in learning some fun DIY tips to spicing up your DIY wedding invitations…then your going to want to check out today’s blog post! We love a good DIY project, especially wedding invitations. You can get so creative with them! If you are making your own wedding invitations and want them to have all the fun design details with not a lot of additional cost, we have some good tips for you. There are so many ways to add little details to your wedding invitations but you have to be careful you are not upping your budget because then what would be the point of DIYing your invitations in the first place, unless of course you really like DIY projects like us!

Alright, so your probably wondering what are these added details we are talking about. Below we have listed five great ways to spice up your DIY wedding invitations which keeping the budget at a minimum. Each link we share has a step by step process of how to complete each project and a list of the supplies you would need (if any). Remember, the key is to add some fun details to your invitations but not spend a whole lot of extra cash (if any). We LOVE these ideas and we hope you do too. If you end up doing any of these projects we would love to see how it turned out!

Happy DIYing!

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How to Have an Awesome Bridal Shower Without Those Horrible Games

Are you tired of bridal shower games?! If so, we have some good ideas of how to keep your guests occupied while ignoring those horrible bridal shower games.

There are many ways you can avoid bridal shower games if they are really not your thing. How about making your bridal shower a themed event, having a crafty shower, or even having your shower at a fun location such as a vineyard. However, we are here to talk about another idea! Our idea kind of falls in the same group with “shower games” with a little spin. So let’s get started! We have listed four great ways to occupy your guests at your shower without having to incorporate those horrible “shower game”.

1.Have everyone share their favorite recipe. Now I am not talking reading it out loud or anything like that. This post is steering clear of embarrassing moments. This is a great idea for a newly married couple. This gives the couple numerous menu options which can make, making dunner fun. Plus, these recipes could be a something that was passed down in your family and something that the couple could have as a keep sake as well.
The Social Home Blog

2.Have everyone share their favorite date night ideas with the couple. You can give everyone a popsicle stick and have them write their ideas in it and stick it in a jar, box, or basket. This can keep the marriage fun and new. Also, when the couple uses an idea from the jar (box or basket), they will remember a little piece from their wedding festivities. Sometimes in planning your wedding when it’s all over you forget all the love and passion that went in to planning it in the first place.
Story Board Wedding | Dan and Melissa Photography

3. Lay out pictures of the couple and have your guests choose a picture and write a memory of the couple on the photo. Later the couple can look at the photos and rimeniss about all the wonderful memories they have had together and that their friends and families were a part of them too!
Huffington Post

4. Have each guest do a small activity. First, have them write a word that they think is important to having a successful marriage on a luggage tag (or cardstock). Next, guide your guests in making a tissue flower. Once they are all finished have them attach their tag to their flower and put them in a basket for the couple. Maybe inform them that these are going to be incorporated into your wedding day. This will not only make your guests feel even more loved and appreciated but also know they they are even more involved in your wedding. On your wedding day incorporate what all of your guests made. For example you could make a flower wall and use it as your ceremony backdrop, a backdrop behind your sweetheart table, or maybe you incorporate them into your centerpieces. The ideas are endless, get creative!
The Craftinomicon

We hope these fun ideas helped you in planning your bridal shower! Let us know your success stories! We would love to hear them.


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Wedding Wednesday | Easter Wedding Inspiration

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We wanted to start your Wednesday of with lots of inspiration so today we are sharing some gorgeous spring Easter wedding photos.

Easter weddings are all about incorporating all of those colorful spring flowers into your wedding. Since spring offers the most flowers that are in season, your options are basically endless. In our opinion, there are two color palette options you can take when you are designing your wedding. The first one is going with the pastel colors. The second is going with those bold and bright colors. Both are great options and they both work for the same design style. Choosing the color palette is just personal preference and what you imaged your wedding to be decorated as. Now, nothing is off limits so if you are feeling extra risky, mix the two palettes! We are always up for a challenge!

We hope you have a fabulous hump day and are feel inspired! For more inspirational ideas, check out our Pinterest page.


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Wedding Signage

Wedding signage! We love them and are super excited to talk wedding signs on today’s blog. Although there are endless options out there for you to purchase wedding signs, why not make them? As you know, we love DIYing so we wanted to share some DIY wedding sign ideas for those budget friendly weddings out there!

So what’s the point of wedding signage anyways, right? Well, in my opinion, signage adds a lot of detail to your wedding. I know what your thinking, the more details you have, the more expensive it is. To some extent, you are correct but that is not always the case. Signage is just one detailed item that can be added to your wedding, think of it as a finishing touch. For example, if you design your escort table with all of your seating cards, decorations, etc., it may look a little unfinished. Personally, I think adding a sign would complete this table. Plus, it is always nice when you attend a wedding and each area of the wedding has cute directional signs. It makes your guests feel more relaxed and comfortable knowing what they need to do. Now-a-days with everyone getting creative, it can be difficult going to a wedding without directional signage.

Like we mentioned above, we wanted to share some DIY signage ideas for our budget friendly weddings. Who says budget friendly weddings can’t have all the fun details of the more expensive weddings?! We gathered some fun signage ideas and are sharing them below! Each link will have all the supplies and directions on how to make the signs as well. Happy DIYing! We hope this blog post will help you save money on adding some fun signage details to your wedding.



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