Irish Themed Birthday Party

Hello all!

I figured on this rainy day in the city, it would be a good time to take a break from my other work and write a blog post! As you probably know, I usually focus on weddings but still love it when I get the chance to work on events such as birthdays, graduation parties, showers, you name it.

For today’s blog I wanted to share a birthday party from the summer that did. Although I love meeting new clients and creating fabulous events for them, I also enjoy putting together fun parties for friends and family. Oh yes, I’m not off the hook when it comes to a family celebration. I am usually the one that everyone turns to which is totally fine by me, because I love doing it!

The best part about smaller events is that usually my clients give me the freedom to do what I want. I love it when I can put my creative thinking cap on and go to town…however…in this particular case the party was for my husband and he had everything he wanted already planned in his head. I must be rubbing off on him 🙂 With my husband turning the big 3-0 I wanted his birthday to be perfect. So I asked him three simple questions: “If you had to choose a location, theme, and someone you would really want to be with on you birthday, what would you choose?” His response was to be expected…”At our place, Irish, my father and brother.” The first thing I thought was, well that’s good because I already planned all of those things HAHA! His actual birthday fell on a Thursday so I had planned for guests to arrive each day leading up to Saturday so he wouldn’t be expecting a big party come Saturday. It was a success! He was very surprised and had a blast with all of his family and friends. Unfortunately, I may of set the bar too high for him for when he has to plan my 30th 🙂 I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did. Speaking of photos, they were taken by the very talented Sara Alepin of Photos from the Harty, she rocks!








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Styled Shoot Creation

Happy Moodboard MONDAY!!

We are starting the day off with a little brain storming. Although we have multiple projects in the making, we are working on a styled shoot coming this Fall! We have so many ideas I’m not sure if we can use them all for one shoot…fingers crossed… because we can’t nix any of our ideas, they’re too good 🙂 We will be working with some great vendors and we can’t wait!

For those of you who don’t know, we are huge fans of Fall; the cool weather, pretty leaves, and endless amounts of pumpkin-everything in the local cafes. I mean who doesn’t love Fall!? We are only eight days into September (not even technically Fall 🙂 ) and I have already had ten pumpkin spice lattes.Ten! Yes, that would mean I have had more than one a day. Alright, I digress, back to our styled shoot! Today we are giving you a little taste of our image in today’s moodboard. I can only imagine you will be as obsessed as we are with these ideas!

Photo Credits:
Sofia Champagne | We Met in a Bar
Drink labels | Ruffled Blog
Picnic Basket | Ruffled Blog
Rug | Sadie + Stella
Cake table | Hochzeitsguide
Fall color pallet | Design Seeds
Fruit crates display | Loverly
Bouquet | Style Unveiled
Donut display | 100 Layer Cake


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New Wedding Planning Packages!

The time has come! With Pollyanna Events approaching its birthday, we gave our wedding planning packages a face lift AND added an entire new package! We have been getting a lot of questions on if we offer a package that is suited for the couple that needs help on all of the details for their wedding. After some deliberation and our love of DIY, we decided we couldn’t say no, so with that, our new wedding planning package “DESIGN CREATION” was born! Check out more about our packages on our “Weddings” tab. Each package has a detailed list of how we will make the wedding planning process fun and stress free 🙂
TRollo 973
Check out more of our work on our Etsy page “PollyannaEvents“!

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SURPRISE! Labor Day Sale!

SURPRISE! With wedding season coming to an end, we wanted to make a splash heading into Fall so we are offering $200 off of any of our wedding planning packages!! This deal ends on September 3, 2014! Please contact us for pricing on our packages! We look forward to helping you make your wedding as flawless and as perfect as it can be!


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